My Turn: Other guy is the one who’s unfit for office

President Joe Biden



Published: 07-09-2024 2:58 PM


Like a lot of people, I had my head in my hands and was downing shots while watching the recent presidential “debate.” And like a lot of people, I found myself hoping and praying for a replacement candidate and spinning through every “what if” scenario I could think of.

It’s not just that he’s old and nothing he says is rooted in reality. My God, he’s also a convicted felon and rapist. He’s an unapologetic misogynist, racist, and xenophobe. He’s a sore loser who attempted to overthrow the results of the last presidential election and hasn’t committed to accepting the results of this one if he doesn’t win.

He stole classified documents and hid them in his bathroom. He makes no secret of his deep and abiding affection for violent authoritarians like Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, and Victor Orban and his plan to emulate them from day one of a new term. C’mon, Republicans … surely you can come up with a better candidate to lead your party and uphold the tenets of the American way of life you love and hold dear!

Oh, I’m sorry … you’re all worried about Joe Biden?

Yes, yes, he’s old and stumbles over his words and should probably retire. But instead of spinning our wheels and wasting our energy on “what if” scenarios (none of which we control) please remember a few things: It was Joe Biden’s administration that pulled the country out of the dumpster fire that the last guy left. It was Joe Biden’s administration that, despite a Congress hamstrung by extremists, has done some good for the economy, the infrastructure, a more environmentally friendly future, and our standing in the international community.

Is he perfect? My dream candidate? Not by a long shot. But our elections have never been about perfection or getting 100% of what you want. We have a system and structure that allows us to “work toward a more perfect union.” And as long as we can keep our democracy intact, we get to keep working toward that more perfect union. Maybe one day we will get to create a more perfect electoral system with better candidates. But that day is not today.

The other guy, y’know the convicted felon who has boasted about grabbing women by the genitals, being able to shoot someone on Fifth Avenue, and overturning Roe v. Wade, that guy gets back in and we may well lose everything that allows us to try to move toward something better. He, and his followers and supporters, have already shown that they believe him to be above the law, much like a king.

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And they have made no secret of their plans to dismantle the system and undo the structure of democratic process that gives power to the many rather than to the few. Please read the Project 2025 plan or visit their website if you want to know about what this guy and his backers have in store for another term.

Joe Biden may not be your dream candidate. I understand. But our choice is limited and the choice is clear. We rally behind the Biden/Harris ticket. We get them elected for another term and we continue to work toward a more perfect union we all wish to see in the future.

Eve Brown-Waite lives in Gill.