Connecting the Dots: Ruination of nature should bring corporate death penalty

06-14-2024 3:18 PM


The enormity of the global climate crisis is contrasted with the actions of individuals trying to make a difference, echoing a David vs. Goliath narrative.We are living in screwed up, scary and overwhelming times. As Rebecca Solnit wrote in the...

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As I See It: Let’s celebrate these ‘true Americans’

06-14-2024 3:18 PM


Whenever you are in the downtown area of Greenfield, it’s hard not to notice the usual downtown vagrants, mostly homeless and jobless. In our era of maximum consumption of comfort and pleasure, these people stand out conspicuously as the underclass of...

Ahmad Esfahani: Slivers of humanity

06-14-2024 3:14 PM

Pay enough attention to our present run of widespread protests and you’ll hear a certain echo of rhetoric. Which type of rhetoric? The one which uses “comrade,” “solidarity,” and “reclaiming the the land,” or perhaps more simply put, the one whose...

My Turn: Authoritarian demagogues are not good for you

06-13-2024 7:23 PM


 In the spring of 1945, as his “1,000-year” Reich was collapsing, Adolf Hitler issued a draconian order called the “Nero Decree.” In effect, it would utterly destroy Germany’s remaining infrastructures, cities, ports and transportation hubs. The...

Philip Brodeur: Blame on both sides

06-13-2024 7:22 PM

The recent column “Blame Hamas, not Jews, for Gaza War,” [Recorder, June 11] gave rise to thought. As a lifelong supporter of Israel and one who has always admired the Zionists who have gone before (Ben-Gurion, Dayan, Meir, etc.) I have to say that...

Todd Damon: A crisis of dad-deprived, vulnerable children

06-13-2024 7:22 PM

Father’s Day is upon us once again, recognized the third Sunday in June since 1910. Father’s Day is a time for people to celebrate the influence fathers had on their families and for children to show appreciation. Unfortunately, many children will be...

Lew La Chance: Life is worth living

06-13-2024 7:22 PM

Many people like to watch the children run about and play without a care in the world. In the movie, “The Tea House of the August Moon,” a story of Okinawa, Post World War II, they sit quietly and contemplate the day, when the sun goes down.A man came...

Marian Kelner: Messages received when doing yardwork

06-13-2024 7:22 PM

Work with what isDisentangleClear a pathMake spaceLimit the colonizersEncourage the sharing of spaceCreate healthy boundariesFree the restrictedBring the dead respectfully to a resting placeCultivate different perspectivesFocus and consider...

Allen Tischler: Greenfield general’s Civil War monument

06-13-2024 7:22 PM

For those readers who are interested in the status of the protection and stewardship of the Gen. Russell Hastings monument on the north end of Winchester, Virginia inside of Ft. Collier Industrial Park, let me bring you up to date. [“Virginia man...

My Turn: Will there be time?

06-12-2024 5:47 PM


A year ago, my dearest friend Kirsten’s life abruptly and shockingly ended. A year ago she came into my car as I drove in terror to her house, to say goodbye to me when I was not ready, nor prepared, to say goodbye to her. A year ago this week, we...

Poetry contest thank you

06-12-2024 5:46 PM

The Poet’s Seat Poetry Contest celebrated its 33rd year with a ceremony at Greenfield Public Library on April 23 where 19 poems from Franklin County residents were presented to a record crowd of enraptured poetry lovers. Hearing the finalists’...

Charles Davis: A Bonfire to Remember

06-12-2024 5:46 PM

A Bonfire to RememberLet me tell you about the 1976 Bicentennial.It was quite a bash,at the Zachariah Field Tavern,close by the Temperance League Fountain,and Baptist Corner Roadin Ashfield, Mass.To fuel our fun we acquired a log,squat, hollow, and...

My Turn: Train enthusiast assesses changes, has suggestions

06-12-2024 9:55 AM


The headline “Amtrak expands Valley Flyer” [“Recorder, May 31] was absurd. There was no expansion, merely an adjustment of schedules.Before the change, three trains arrived in Greenfield each day and three departed. And the same after the...

My Turn: Playing fast and loose with the rule of law

06-12-2024 9:53 AM


About 20 years ago, I was driving the speed limit on Route 9, staying in my lane, keeping a watchful eye, and thinking about the errands I needed to complete that day.Then I saw a black SUV speeding toward me from a side street on my right. I assumed...

Linda Ackerman: Kudos to local locksmith

06-12-2024 9:51 AM

In today’s business world, the characteristics that are often lacking when needing a service are all to familiar. No callbacks, too busy, late or missed appointments, complacent attitudes, and the list goes on and on!I had an amazing experience with...

Marcel LaFlamme: Weigh in on cultural programs

06-12-2024 9:51 AM

This year, the Greenfield Local Cultural Council has awarded almost $20,000 in state funding to support public programs that contribute to the cultural vitality of our community. From Winter Carnival and Franklin County Pride to over 50 smaller events...

My Turn: No summer break for mental health

06-10-2024 6:23 PM


 As summer break arrives, the joyous anticipation of freedom from school routines fills the hearts of adolescents. Yet, amid the excitement lies a poignant reality: Mental health concerns do not take a hiatus when classrooms empty and textbooks gather...

My Turn: Blame Hamas, not Jews, for Gaza war

06-10-2024 6:23 PM


 When I was a kid, Jews were called “Christ-killers.” The notion that all Jews collectively bared the responsibility for the death of God’s son stained us with lasting, incomparable guilt, and was as an excuse for centuries to oppress and murder...

Guest columnist Joan Vohl Hamilton: Girl Scouts lead the way

06-10-2024 6:23 PM


 The decision by Boy Scouts of America to change its name to Scouting America intrigued me. This decision is, in part, to include girls and young women.A recent Associated Press article mentioned girls who have achieved the “vaunted Eagle Scout rank”...

Clayton Sibley II: New fire station location is a mistake

06-10-2024 6:21 PM

So this past week I was driving down Main Street toward the center of Greenfield. Traffic had stopped, as it dose frequently on Main Street. My vehicle just happened to be in front of the new fire station driveway. A few seconds after traffic stopped...

Displaying articles 1 to 20 out of 1968 total.
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