My Turn: The root causes of Middle East war

02-21-2024 9:35 PM


 No one has explained why young GIs were sleeping in a Jordan desert when harm came to them. Those generals who appear on TV are only up to speed about attacks, counterattacks, counter-counterattacks and so on. The military has to justify its...

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My Turn: Coaches failed students, not MIAA — and hypocritical for legislator to demand accountability

02-21-2024 9:35 PM


Belchertown coaches failed to submit paperwork for the girls’ swim team, preventing them from competing in a tournament. Somehow it’s the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association’s fault, according to state Rep. Aaron Saunders.Although the...

Bill Saunders: Kudos to Baystate Franklin, South County EMS

02-21-2024 9:32 PM

Recently a reader wrote in giving extravagant praise for the care she received at Baystate Franklin Medical Center. I wish to second her approbation. I was a patient there last year and I have to say the care I received was wonderful. They are...

Pat Hynes: Educating the whole child

02-21-2024 9:32 PM

A recent story about seven middle-school students rushing to the aid of an older woman in need of help exemplifies the lifelong benefits of education imbued with lessons of compassion and community. Gloria Matlock, founder/director of Twice as Smart,...

Marilyn Kelsey: Shout out to mini-GOATs

02-21-2024 9:32 PM

Shout out and thanks to our local mini-GOATs: Buckland employees! Bernardston Senior Center staff!  Greenfield LifePath's senior home-safety programs!  Wow, truly greatest of all time!  Marilyn KelseyBuckland

Pushback: Making a major mess of major development review

02-20-2024 7:01 PM


‘It’s really messy. And I don’t like messy.”Greenfield City Council President John Bottomley was chairing his first council meeting on Jan. 17. Three hours into the meeting, Marianne Bullock, new chair of the Economic Development Committee, wanted to...

My Turn: Both sides now

02-20-2024 5:18 PM


In October 1973, a few months after graduating from college in Annapolis, Maryland, I was living on a kibbutz teaching mathematics to a cadre of American teenagers who were spending their sophomore year in Israel.On Yom Kippur, my holiday celebration...

Johanna Rosen: We must push for a cease-fire and more

02-20-2024 5:17 PM

I want to thank the Recorder for covering the effort to pass a cease-fire resolution in Greenfield and the weekly standouts on the Common [“Local activists to present Gaza cease-fire resolution to Greenfield City Council,” Feb. 15]. I think the news...

Michael Ward: Big suprise

02-20-2024 5:17 PM

What a surprise that Greenfield’s police chief is retiring [“City police chief retires,” Feb. 17]. Now with the new pay raises all but assured, which will also raise the retirement benefits that taxpayers will foot for years … why not! And not even...

Jeremy Williams: Be good, do good

02-20-2024 5:17 PM

With these three qualities you are well on your way to the fifth dimension. I feel that if you can incorporate these feelings into your life, your heart will be steadily filled with joy. Practice random acts of kindness and see how good it makes you...

My Turn: How’s Biden doing on immigration?

02-19-2024 2:00 PM


The question in the headline has a short answer, a slightly longer answer, and a long answer.The short answer is, “Meh.”The slightly longer answer is, “It’s a mixed bag. He came in strong with liberal ideas about giving all asylum-seekers the due...

My Turn: Rethinking U.S. interests on anniversary of war in Ukraine

02-19-2024 2:00 PM


 With the approaching second anniversary of Russia’s military operations in Ukraine, we can expect that there will be various solutions offered to the current war there. On one side there will be calls for billions more in U.S. and NATO military aid...

My Turn: Why City Council must support cease-fire resolution

02-19-2024 2:00 PM


 I am writing to thank Chris Larabee for covering the movement to pass a cease-fire resolution in Greenfield. As we near the four-month marker in the horrific genocide and ethnic cleansing of occupied Palestine, we are all waking up to the knowledge...

Fred Schindler: Three good reasons for the death penalty 

02-19-2024 7:01 AM

David Goldstein’s letter to the editor in the Feb. 13 Recorder (“Death penalty makes liberals sad”) is well taken but doesn’t go far enough. There are three good reasons to have a death penalty for first degree murderers: justice for the family and...

Donald Moskowitz: Stop China’s purchase of U.S land and companies

02-19-2024 7:01 AM

Congress has to pass the 2024 Farm Bill which includes a provision to provide oversight and the restriction of foreign companies and governments from purchasing U.S. farmland. In particular it must address purchases by companies and other entities...

Columnist Daniel Cantor Yalowitz: The challenges and positives of ‘progress’

02-18-2024 7:00 PM


We hear the term “progress” all the time, in a variety of contexts. Whether we are discussing progressive (or liberal) viewpoints on politics and living, or making progress on projects of any sort, or progressing to the next level of whatever — it...

The World Keeps Turning: An eternal question in an unlikely place

02-17-2024 3:59 PM


Occasionally, a random but striking event occurs that some people might describe as having a hidden meaning or suggest “was meant to be.” My problem is determining the hidden meaning, or who (or what) meant it to be and why.Recently, I was returning...

Connecting the Dots: Float on Eventide’s harmonic raft

02-16-2024 2:34 PM


Having now lived 31 years longer than my father, I celebrated much of my 88th birthday in silent contemplation. And in reflections of my eight-decade journey on this planet. My awareness of dying has become ever more present since surviving a melanoma...

Don Ogden: Ageism threatens the future of our democratic republic

02-16-2024 2:32 PM

“The years teach much which the days never know.” — Ralph Waldo EmersonIn many cultures around the world, cultures far older than what we have here in the United States, elders are held in high regard. Their experience and knowledge serve to guide...

Genevieve Clare Bird: The olive trees lost

02-16-2024 2:32 PM

Palestine is not flames, it is the beautiful water of the ocean. Palestine is not the blood the world ignores. Palestine is the fruit trees, the olive trees that grow as old as love. Palestine isn’t weak, Palestine is a strong culture full of love and...

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